At Care for Life Support Services, Our mission, and commitment to you, is to promote a better quality of life for seniors while providing peace of mind for their caregivers

Our Commitment to You

Our Commitment To You

about our Care philosophy

We provide comprehensive and specialized care supports for older adults and seniors experiencing behavioural, cognitive, emotional, physical and social challenges related to dementia, mental health, substance abuse and related neurological challenges.  We work with each individual in developing strategies to make everyday living more manageable and productive.

We believe every individual has the right to exceptional care and support from knowledgeable professionals. We provide an onsite assessment and consultation that will create a care plan that will be implemented by a senior care specialist.

Our focus is to reduce stress associated with aging and promote overall mental health and well being for all members involved with our care team.

Our commitment is to promote the dignity of each individual and celebrate each person’s competencies while enhancing their abilities and strengths.

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." ~ Brené Brown

About Us

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Who We Are

We have extensive expertise working front line in supporting individuals with complex psychogeriatric mental and addiction challenges including individuals experiencing dementia, Parkinsons, Huntington Disease, acute and chronic diagnosed and complex needs.

Our Team

Our senior care specialists have expertise in psychogeriatric mental health, dementia and supporting older adults with complex needs. They lead with integrity and professional ethics and each provider recognizes the value of each person’s life story.

Our Partners

  • Hospitals
  • Social Service Providers
  • Physicians
  • Attorneys
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Gerontology Professionals
  • Financial Institutions & Trust Officers

Our Services

Our Services

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Direct Care Services

Direct Care Services

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Care Management & Patient Navigation

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Training & consultation

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Transitional Care & Post Discharge

Our strategy

Our strategy

Care management & patient navigation


Enhance the coordination of care, eliminate duplication, and effectively manage health conditions.

Meet with you to develop goals and objectives specific to the needs of each individual

Liaise with all parties involved including family, caregivers, physicians, nurses, LHIN, retirement home, long term care facilities and other practitioners involved.

Create a Care for Life Plan that is effective with goals and objectives that are measurable and based on the individual’s competencies and present long-term care needs.

Our Strategy Hands of Child

Our Care Management Model will provide the results you need.

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Behaviour Management Services

In Service & Hands-On Staff Training

For Organizations

Develop, Build & Customize Training 

Dementia Specific Training

Learn to Create Behavior Management & Crisis Intervention Plans

Client Specifc Support Training

Dedicated & Tailored Training Programs

Our solutions

Our Solutions

Training & consultation

Behaviour Management Services:

  • We provide an in-depth onsite assessment to determine responsive behaviours that are challenging for staff, families and the individual themselves.
  • This will significantly:
    • Reduce risk of danger for all
    • Increase functionality of staff team and alleviate stress
    • Promote mental wellbeing for all.

For Organizations:

  • We develop and provide customized solutions to health care settings, agencies and companies that are struggling to support individuals with complex behaviour.
  • Build insight into strategic opportunities in each workplace while increasing capacity to address the needs of each client, staff, customers and the employer.
  • This customized training harnesses the energy and creativity of each person and provides action-oriented goals that are transferable and applicable in each setting, whether it be at home, long-term care, retirement home, or hospital.

Dementia Specific Training:

  • Think about what challenges you and your team face when supporting individuals with complex behaviour.
  • Managing behaviour safely is imperative, and so is reducing the altercations, injuries, and the use of psychotropic drugs.
  • In this workshop, your team will learn a systematic way to create individualized, nonpharmacologic, person-oriented behaviour management and crisis intervention plans based on the principles of Care, Welfare, Safety and Security

Client Specific Support Training:

  • A dedicated training program tailored to the needs of organizations that support individuals with responsive behaviours.

our commitment

Our Commitment

Transitional care & post discharge

Transitions of care are an integral part of an individual’s journey throughout the health care system. We will:



Shirlea is an incredible resource in many areas-systems navigation, assessing the needs from basic to complex, and is a calm and assuring partner in care. Whether it’s a chronic or acute issue you have, Shirlea and her team can help you get the best outcomes. ~Deb B.

I reached out to Shirlea urgently for help at an extremely stressful time, her response was immediate, kind and professional. Shirlea was very sincere, caring and responsive. She helped our mother and family through this extremely emotional life event. Her knowledge and support exceeded our expectation every step of the way. ~Rose T.

I was very fortunate to meet Shirlea Crook. Shirlea was recommended to me by the retirement home and after meeting her I decided to let her meet Mom. The change in Mom was amazing. If you’re looking for someone that truly understands the needs and wants of the elderly I recommend highly that you consider Shirlea Crook.    ~John S

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